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Lilin Baba Net Worth & Biography 2022


Before we get to Lilin Baba net worth lets first look at his biography so as to understand who he is

shiaibu Ahmed Abbas who is popularly known as Lilin Baba was born and raised in the city of Borno state in the northeastern part of the country, the professional singer was born on the 2 of January 1992 .

the internet haven’t known much about Lilin Baba, when he check for his biography you will see a lot of result with different information even his profile on Wikipedia doesn’t have enough information about him.

Since we can’t get enough information about Lilin Baba let’s not waste much time in his biography lets dive into his net worth

Lilin Baba YouTube Earnings

You might be wondering how is Lilin Baba making his money. well it’s pretty simple anytime he uploads his music video on YouTube he get paid for that and the payment varies depending on the number of people that viewed the video.

So to know his net worth we must know how much he have made so far from the music video he has been uploading on YouTube..

We all know that YouTube pays a lot of money to its users especially when you have a lot of video view on your videos. According to a website on the internet it was reported that on average YouTube pay $1 for every 1,000 views.

So let’s check Lilin Baba YouTube channel.

Based on the research done we found out Lilin Baba YouTube channel has over 10 million video views and over 100,000 subscribers on monetizing these video views it will be an estimated income of $24,000.

Well that’s a lot.

Now that we have known Lilin Baba net worth from the music video he has been making let’s check how much he has make from the movies he has been acting in the kannywood movie industry..

Lilin Baba Kannywood Earnings

Like said earlier Lilin Baba is also an actor in the kannywood movie industry and he has acted a reasonable number of movies in the industry.

So to complete his net worth we must know how much he has made from all the movies he has acted.

according to his profile on the internet it was reported that Lilin Baba has acted the total number of 6 movies and if we are going to make a rough estimate of how much he has made from this 3 movies that he has acted it will be an estimated income of N3 million.

Now that we have known what Lilin Baba made from both sides it’s time we make an ending to the content by telling his net worth. Also bear in mind that this net worth is more of a prediction it’s just an estimated evaluations.

Lilin Baba Net worth 2022

According to the evaluations made Lilin Baba Net worth is estimated at around N15 million which makes him among the richest Hausa Artist in the kannywood industry

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